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January Sixth Twenty Twenty-one: A Date Which Will Live in Stupidity

I can almost hear FDR’s shrill voice enunciating these words in my “mind’s ear.” The nation’s capitol was fatuously and ignorantly attacked…

Apropos to evoke FDR as a traditional, big govt. New York Republican turned Democrat that drove the last nails in the Party of Jefferson coffin. TJ championed the long road to freedom and independence which morphed into the hegemonic coalition we observe today after the success of the newly formed Republican Party four score after Jefferson penned our Declaration of grievances to separate from British mercantilism. The recent big govt. New York Democrat ‘donning’ the Republican moniker as president these past years is perfect illustration of how little party matters and how effective the duopoly has been decaying and destroying our freedoms. Anyone who thinks Hillary or her minions like Trump will ever serve time for their wrongdoings is childish on same intelligence level as those who believe ‘pro-wraseling’ is real.

Difficult to determine what’s more daunting to overcome; the dumb masses who showed on Jan. 6th feeling something fundamentally wrong with current events or the Dick & Liz Cheney type authoritarians (in lockstep with the rest of their command and control comrades at the hearing podium) who are the greater enemy of the US Constitution and the Republic it established. Dickens, in keeping with several Scriptures, asserted a greater caveat on ignorance in his era. As for presidents who’ve committed [Art. 3, Sec. 3] treason against a State(s), the one most vulgar and explicit is heralded by most as our greatest executive to ever reside in the White House. Harrington noted, “Treason doth never prosper... what’s the reason? For if it prospers, none dare call it treason!”

The Jan. 6th event at the capitol is what democracy [a.k.a., mob rule] looks like. Given my Greek heritage, I do not find democracy something worthy of aspiration. Furthermore, those shouting democracy the loudest are among the most deleterious oligarchs benefitting from our unrepresentative, uncompetitive, rigged system. To the generic, common productive citizen, it didn’t matter which political thief (Biden or Trump) was installed via the Jan. 6th, 2021 pomp and circumstance DC Kabuki show.

As I’ve written in past columns, we’re Not a Democracy:

No matter how many times ‘democracy’ is asserted by incompetent press and corrupt politburo members - from my county commission, to Goat Hill, all the way up to Moscow on the Potomac -- it doesn’t alter the design submitted and adopted in our 1789 Constitution. Further alarm declaring this nonexistent, over-romanticized structure [Democracy] in jeopardy aids and abets our political swindlers’ camouflage of the growing oligarchic result - i.e., political power increasingly more concentrated away from the people.

The few [often Alabama Gazette readers] seeing irony witnessing the fraction of protestors who indeed turned violent appearing very much like the end result of democracies (while being driven by federal hegemony) offer a scintilla of hope. Similarly compelling was commentary on politburo members championing democracy at the same time asserting no reason to arm and protect ourselves, while shamefully quick to barricade and summon weapons to defend themselves against the harm they promoted via so many unconstitutional actions. Sad these political thieves, who’ve destroyed so many lives, are so self-serving they’ve completely lost all capacity for empathy to consider why their hosts are angry at them as parasites.

I’ve read Jefferson’s Declaration making the case for independence and our 1789 Constitution many times; never recall finding the word or case being made for democracy. Art. 4, Sec. 4 makes clear each State must guarantee a republican form of government, providing sound guidelines in Art. 1, Sec. 2 on how this representative Republic of States will operate at the federal level to execute those few powers enumerated to the central government.

Of course, I don’t expect my incompetent ‘Felon Hubbard’ minion congressperson to understand this or champion a movement to make the House representative again as a Trump sycophant; a big govt. modern NY Democrat now wearing the Red jersey. Similarly, our minority gerrymandered congressperson who played one of the larger roles of making people homeless via eminent domain abuse (another ‘Trump-love’ item) is championing ‘voters rights’ but offers nothing to make the House (much less other geo-political divisions in our State) more representative. These ‘public servants’ will continue to cry “Democracy!” while my county and the cities within become even LESS representative shown in the new census data and redistricting outcomes.

Understand it is foolish for anyone to dream one day we’ll ever have a Constitutional one for 30,000 (round-up) representative U.S. House where it is a part-time job which pays median income. If for no other reason than House members may actually realize what median income is each 2 year cycle. The ratio of one representative for every 700,000 (to well over a million in some States) will continue to get worse until this forced coalition finally fails. When historians contemplate this ancient hegemonic union’s passing, I pray it will not be believed this coerced union of States was just another democracy which failed but considered yet another tyrannical oligarchy (also feared by the Greeks) so future generations may identify and defend against the evil of their day.

Onto the DC police debacle, time take a ‘Mulligan’ and learn from not following our Constitution. Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 “To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings.”

No shortage of ‘bull-feathers’ these past months from politburo members championing modern Democrats like Comrade Trump (currently ‘Donning’ the Red) and Comrade Biden to make DC [District of Corruption] a 51st state. Little surprise ‘Moscow on the Potomac’ fails to consult our Constitution for guidance about Washington, DC in our now forced coalition of once sovereign States. No city in modern history displays greater sin and infamy living up to a namesake, particularly for one like Geo. Washington… most instrumental in winning independence for their geo-political unit(s), curbing mercantilism, abolishing importation of slaves, etc.

Three electoral votes wrongfully given to DC is just as great an abomination as the ‘taxation without representation’ suffered by those allowed to assert residency in the ten mile square proscribed in Art. 1, Sec. 8, Cl. 17 cited above. House members I’ve interacted with (e.g., Brooks, Rogers, Sewell) understandably have no clue what the document they’ve taken an oath to uphold and defend guides them to accomplish; being sycophants for higher positioned politburo members like Comrades Biden and Trump is much more rewarding in this world.

In short, no residents at this federal installation/district (nor any other Arsenal, Fort, Dockyard, Magazine, etc.) are allowed/makes sense IF the document is followed. This ten miles (maximum) square was purposefully NOT to be a State, and it was important those employed, living/stationed there had residence in their home State for purposes of having a connection back to the places they are from/represent. Furthermore, I don’t think anyone pays attention to the text of our Constitution guaranteeing a representative Republic when our politburo finds the ability to abuse ‘Democracy’ much easier than the checks and balances of independent sovereignty.

No reason to have a DC mayor, police force, etc. to deal with demonstrations, real or imagined insurrections, ad naseum. If Sen. Schumer wants to incite demonstrators at the Supreme (or any other federal building) Court it is the responsibility of federal marshals on federal properties. If some Washington, HD places/properties are deemed historic sites, park rangers and administrators would serve that function. Just as our State has moved their capitol these past centuries, the time is long overdue to move our central government’s capitol. I suggest the name Lincolnton, FD - i.e., Federal District. This would reflect the failure of Washington’s vision of free and independent sovereign geo-political units addressing issues of abortion, drugs, gun laws, hate crimes, mask wearing, slavery, transgender, etc. It further affirms victory of Mr. Lincoln’s vision of a forced coalition of states Comrades Lenin, et al admired and replicated. I think it important for our posterity to understand what failed and what our command legal-political economy has and will wrought.

Not very difficult to find a ten mile square more centrally located to place Lincolnton, FD on a large, inactive military base. Further thought could be put toward high-speed rail access if we can get the ICC and other unconstitutional agencies out of the way. If one really wants to be industrious toward a return to a representative Republic, install the infrastructure for thousands of House Members as we’re designed to have where they may ‘zoom in’ to participate in Congress while actually among the 30,000+ they represent. An abandoned Air Force Base may be found which would already have the ability to handle Air Force One and the air traffic. Auctioning off land around the ten mile square for food, lodging, etc. would help offset the expense of the capitol move and improvements. If done, I pray for more straight shots, less errors, honesty and great wisdom after taking this ‘Mulligan’ - perhaps if we can get our Republic back on course, Lincolnton will not live up to the namesake and the Spirit of Washington may prevail.

As for the much ballyhooed “Peaceful Transfer of Power” [] I grow weary of so much rhetoric w.r.t. transfer of executive power in a hegemonic union these past several score. The world observed ‘peaceful’ transfers of power from Augustus to Tiberius, Herod ‘the Great’ to Antipas, etc. under Roman despotism and hegemony - is this Pax Romana really anything new under our earth’s sun or Son of God these past two millennia?

Trump’s 306-232 Electoral College (57%/43%) 2016 installment over Clinton’s 62,972,226 to 62,277,750 popular vote win was only the SECOND time a Constitutionally correct HoR does not mirror the popular vote as in 1888 when Harrison won the Electoral College (58%/42%) over Cleveland by a 233 -168 margin but lost the popular vote 5,537,857 - 5,447,129. Installing Biden with the same 306 Electoral College vote in 2020 is no more a ‘landslide’ than when Trumpocrats proclaimed landslide four years ago. The blue soviets would never agree with Trump’s red soviet nomenclature of a ‘mandate’ four years ago, but we’ve certainly heard the Joe & Nancy Show chorus assert their ‘mandate.’ Great Kabuki fodder for the political ‘pro-wraseling’ fans and voters.

This is any rational observer’s expectation where peaceful divorce is impossible [] to those who may recall JFK’s famous 1962 quote. Born in ‘62 I’ve wondered what citizens thought when hearing, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable,” from this soon to be assassinated president making such great gains toward freedom - e.g., reducing the outrageous 92.7% marginal income tax rate, blocking moves to further debase our currency, growing weary of CIA, et al types after Bay of Pigs lies and deception along with the military industrial complex pressing for more resources to Vietnam... to enumerate a few specifics. My mind drifted to another suspicious assassination of that era to evoke a favourite quote from Coretta Scott King, “Freedom is never really won; it must be fought and won every generation.” Perhaps generations to come will learn to successfully fight for freedom after understanding so many prior generations promoted, welcomed and embraced ever more tyranny and command economy policies/programs.

Jan. 6th is what true civil war looks like after failure to allow peaceful exit of sovereign States or occupied territories. Civil war is fighting for control of the SAME government. Wise founding fathers’ design made civil war unlikely at best, foolish at worst - a State no longer wanting to be in the voluntary coalition would exit. The uninvited army into Maryland (April 1861) was the first to explicitly commit treason; the armies repelling this treason was not insurrection - i.e., they were not trying to take over their State government or trying to take the federal government they seceded from to coerce other States. State legislators or governors did not request federal government protection from the armies/soldiers serving their own State.

Small wonder pro-government/soviet historians unanimously place Buchanan as the worst president. Alas, the Republicans (since inception) have been more interested in using the tax code to pick winners/losers and redistribute wealth to specific interests over the general welfare; how many lives are damaged/destroyed in the redistributive process are of increasingly less concern. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth has been observed about the five deaths on Jan. 6th. I couldn’t help but think how much blood has been spilled and sacrificed on this failed altar of democracy via undeclared wars, subsidized abortion, wrongful takings, treaty violations, etc. these past several score as a forced coalition instead of the republican form of government joining independent, sovereign States guaranteed in the Constitution. A date of infamous stupidity indeed…


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