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    Staff Writer|Nov 1, 2016


    Bobbie Ames|Nov 1, 2016

  • Inside the Statehouse

    Steve Flowers|Nov 1, 2016

    We will vote to select the 44th President Tuesday. The next President will be a New Yorker. Whomever is selected will enter the Oval office with the most unfavorable poll ratings of any President in recent memory. This election will epitomize the old adage that George Wallace once told and that is, “more folks vote against someone than for someone.” There is no question that our country is drifting to the left in ideology. We in Alabama are conservative, pro-life, pro-gun, Christians with a...

  • Out of over three hundred million people we have come to a choice between Donald and Hillary; why vote?

    Ron Holtsford|Nov 1, 2016

    Some of you that read this article will still be waiting to vote and see where our future will go or wonder where it will go and there are others that will read this after the election. After the Constitutional convention ended, a Mrs. Powell was able to query Ben Franklin on what form of government had been hammered out, Ben Franklin responded to the question, "Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?" Without hesitation, Franklin responded, "A republic, if you can keep it."...

  • Door Dings and Other Such Nonsense...

    Robert Tate|Nov 1, 2016

    All I can say is that by the time this Robservation hits the streets, the election, for better or worse, will be over and done with. It has been a long, drawn out embarrassment for the entire United States. Whether the winner is a clear political outsider who has said some questionable things in the past and had an up and down business career or whether the winner is a pathological liar who hates the Constitution, who will do and say anything for political gain, has broken the law, violated...

  • Time to Limit Terms and Power

    Marcia Chambliss|Nov 1, 2016

    Though I’m reminded daily of my many blessings, November is the month specifically set aside for giving thanks, and I highly doubt I’m alone in being thankful that the bitter and divisive 2016 presidential campaign will finally end. While political pundits will analyze the results ad nauseam, conservative activists will continue working diligently during the lame duck session of Congress to minimize detrimental legislation and spending decisions which typically occur during such sessions. Un...

  • System IS Rigged in Alabama

    John Sophocleus|Nov 1, 2016

    Special election Candidate “Fireman Joe” Lovvorn was installed into our Alabama House of Representatives without an election via Secretary of State John Merrill’s discretion last month. After hearing the news we (me and my eldest Godson Peter) went to the good Secretary’s office who kindly met without an appointment. Lovvorn avoided a Party primary runoff, exceeding the 50% threshold by 13 votes via another low turnout House District 79 poll result. A dismal 12% of voters participated...

  • Its Not All About the Rack

    Steve Long|Nov 1, 2016

    Summer’s been shown the door, and the weather’s certainly gotten a little bit cooler. Sure, we could use some rain, but you better believe we’ll get some more of that sooner rather than later. Bow season kicks off Saturday in Alabama for buck hunting, with Zone B getting to harvest does starting the 25th of October. Of course, scouting is in full swing, and part of that is studying trail camera photos. One topic that’s always up for debate is how to properly age a buck, and just like...

  • Ring-Tailed Lemur

    Ron VanHerwyn|Nov 1, 2016

    The Ring-tailed lemur (Lemur Catta) is a large prosimian (representing forms that were ancestral to monkeys, apes and humans), belonging to the family Lemuridae'. The name 'lemur' comes from the Roman festival 'Lemuria', during which ghosts were exorcised. It is descriptive of some lemurs' nocturnal habits, noiseless move-ments, reflective eyes, and ghost like cries and appearance. Today lemurs are known as 'ghosts of the forest.' Like all other lemurs, it is found only on the island of...

  • Two People Can't Drive a Pickup Truck !!

    Ed Jones Sports Editor|Nov 1, 2016

    Auburn Head Coach Gus Malzahn has been coaching for over twenty-five years. He has been a head coach in college for four and one-half seasons, one at Arkansas State and three and one-half at Auburn. This year, after losses to Clemson and Texas A&M in the friendly confines of Jordan-Hare Stadium, Coach Malzahn announced to the world that he would be giving up his play calling duties to Offensive Coordinator Rhett Lashlee. Lashlee has been with Malzahn for all of his college career and during...

  • What deficit?

    Dr. John Bitter|Nov 1, 2016

    We should take exception to the use of the term: Attention Deficit Disorder,especially so, those of us who have been blessed with it. The noun attention is acceptable since a major portion of this psychological difference does tend to focus on the concentration of mental powers. The phrase: Short attention span, was much more accurate and had less of a negative connotation about it. But the education community does like to invent new titles for things. Now the word deficit presents a lot of...


    Kylle McKinney|Nov 1, 2016

    One of the most common threats we face is identity theft. Just imagine someone stealing your information and pretending to be you. You’d have no control as this person acts in your name, spending money — and possibly, ruining your credit. That’s one trick you can do without, which is why we’ve added an extra layer of security for our customers when they interact with us online. Your my Social Security at


    Dr. Rick Marshall|Nov 1, 2016

    An elderly gentleman was sitting on a park bench, basking in the sun, when another elderly fellow sat down. They looked at each other for a moment but did not speak. Both men sat there, staring straight ahead. After a while, one of them heaved a big, heartfelt sigh. The other jumped up immediately and said, "If you’re going to talk politics, I’m leaving." I’m not going to talk don’t quit reading! But what I am going to do is remind you that Christian’s had better be...

  • Beware of the Hildabeast

    John Martin|Nov 1, 2016

    In the 2008 Presidential election, the people of America granted immense power to one of the most dangerous men in the world. In 2012, they re-elected him. Now after almost eight years of treasonous treachery, the Great Traitor and his minions have saddled us with a catastrophic, outrageously expensive, unsustainable health care burden, needless war-mongering and meddling in the Middle East killing thousands of people and making new enemies, releasing dangerous terrorists from GITMO while...

  • News from the Montgomery County Sheriffs Office

    Sheriff Derrick Cunningham|Nov 1, 2016

  • On Praising God

    Michael J. Brooks|Nov 1, 2016

    A former Nashville studio musician spoke to a group of church leaders in our city recently. He told us a little about his time in "Music City" and how decisions are made about what music to produce and sell. He said other than Bill Gaither's Homecoming music, the industry is producing only the so-called "praise and worship" music now. This music focuses on the majesty of God and is normally addressed to God the father or another member of the holy trinity. I say "so-called" praise and worship...

  • News from the Autauga County Sheriffs office

    Sheriff Joe Sedinger|Nov 1, 2016

    National Night Out The Autauga County Sheriff's office participated in National Night Out that was held on Tuesday October 4, 2016. It was a great night to meet and interact with the public. The Autauga County Fair was a great success! The Sheriff Office also had a booth set up at the Autauga County Fair that was held October 11 – October 15, 2016. We enjoyed everyone that stopped by to talk, or get a photo made with McGruff the Crime Dog or Eddie Eagle....


    David Spooner|Nov 1, 2016

    I believe that Thanksgiving is one of the last bastions of family traditions in this country. A celebration when the different generations of a family gather for a meal that has been part of the landscape of America since the Pilgrims. A time to give thanks for the bounty that has been bestowed on use and a time to strengthen the ties that bind a family together. The stories, adventures, mishaps, and good fortune that are shared and retold every year. And this bond in some families is so strong...

  • "Putting the "Thanks" in Thanksgiving"

    Trisston Wright Burrows|Nov 1, 2016

    With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I thought I’d share a real thanks-giving story that I recently heard with you… An old pastor and his wife invited a new young couple in the church over for Thanksgiving dinner. As the couple entered the home, they smelled the wonderful turkey and all the trimmings in the kitchen. As the four made their way to the dining room table, there was a great feast before them! But as the young wife scanned the table, she noticed something out of place....

  • November Potpourri

    Judge Peggy Givhan|Nov 1, 2016

    We are now more than a month into Fall and one of the busiest times of the year. Fall reminds me of family and friends with loads of fellowship thrown in. Thanksgiving is right around the corner. It is a time that family gathers at my farm in Dallas County for a wonderful reunion with between 17 and 20 souls, and all ages represented from one year old to those retired. It is a cherished time for outdoor treasure hunts, croquet tournaments, and just sitting around a fire pit under twinkling...

  • Nov 1, 2016

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