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Dove Season Opens September 8th

Hunters statewide can celebrate the beginning of dove season at noon Saturday, September 8th. The long-awaited opening day is traditionally considered the beginning of the fall hunting season....

 By Zack Azar    Outdoors    August 1, 2014

Bass Fishing During The "Dog Days" Of August

Bass fishing during the "dog days" of August can be tough, but it's not impossible. Some of the biggest bass of the year can be caught in the summer. Because a bass's metabolism speeds up as the...

 By Zack Azar    Outdoors    July 1, 2014

Baiting Catfish And How To Find Them

The heat and humidity of mid-summer are not only trying on one's temperament, but can result in brutal conditions for fishing as well. With temperatures soaring into the upper 90’s and heat indexes...

 By Zack Azar    Outdoors    June 1, 2014

Put More Bass In The Boat!!

With June comes hot weather, but the fishing can be just as hot. Bluegill will bed around the full moon of this month, which falls on the 13th, and the bass are in a feeding mood following the spawn....

 By Zack Azar    Outdoors    May 1, 2014

Fish, Fish and More Fish!!

May has to be my favorite month for fishing. The weather is not yet steaming hot, the bass are hungry and active after spawning and the bream are preparing to bed. The full moon of May, which occurs...

 By Zack Azar    Outdoors    April 1, 2014

Mixed Bag Of Outdoorsmen For April

April presents a mixed bag to outdoorsman across central Alabama. Turkey season continues all month, and with warmer temperatures, the fishing is getting better. This month will see turkey hunting...

 By Zack Azar    Outdoors    March 1, 2014

Wild Turkey Season Starts March 15th

Even under "normal" circumstances, taking an Eastern wild turkey is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, hunting activities we engage in. However there are always some unique scenarios that...

 By Zack Azar    Outdoors    February 1, 2014

Post-Season Scouting Is The Most Valuable Scouting To Do

Well, it's February. Deer season is over and the cold weather makes the spring turkey season seem like an eternity away. However, for the diehard whitetail hunter, there is no better time than now to...

 By Zack Azar    Sports    December 1, 2013

Pre-rut Can Be The Most Exciting Time Of The Year To Hunt

December can be a tricky month in deer hunting. The gun season has been in for a few weeks and there has been enough hunting activity in most areas to alert the deer. Seasoned deer hunters know that...

 By Zack Azar    Outdoors    November 1, 2013

Woods & Waters with Zack

Deer gun season comes in on Saturday, November 23rd. Hunters across the state will head to their favorite hunting sites in anticipation of taking an "opening day" whitetail. If you have done your...

 By Zack Azar    Sports    October 1, 2013

Woods & Waters with Zack

Bowhunting whitetails during the warm and buggy early days of the season is a challenge. Temperatures are usually warm enough to send beads of sweat rolling down your back. Swarming, buzzing...

 By Zack Azar    Sports    September 1, 2013

Woods & Waters with Zack

September has finally arrived. This month signals the beginning of college football, cooler weather, improved fishing and most of all, hunting season. Dove hunters will hit the fields on the 7th for...


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