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 By Stan Hurst    Sports    November 1, 2020 

New Season, Same Saga Plays Out on the Plains

It’s an all too familiar story that’s mushrooming up again at Auburn. The “we need to fire the head coach” anthem is growing stronger each week. For more seasons than I can count, this thing...

 By Stan Hurst    Sports    October 1, 2020

Football ... Really?

As we find ourselves on the eve of our beloved SEC football season; will we enjoy the new sanitized product with just a handful of fans in attendance? Major League Baseball is nearing the end of the...

 By Stan Hurst    Sports    September 1, 2020

Playing by the COVID-19 Rules

Never in our lifetimes have we seen the Sports World turned upside-down and inside-out. I find myself disjointed from the sports world. It’s difficult to analyze any of the teams we follow in the...

 By Stan Hurst    Sports    August 1, 2020

From Pigskins to Rawhids

Opening day for the 2020 MLB Season is just a few days away. Albeit, it’s just 60 games, but at least we have baseball. On July 23rd, the Yankees open at the Nationals, and the Giants open at the...

 By Stan Hurst    Sports    July 1, 2020

From Pigskins to Rawhides

Say it Ain’t so, Joe! Major League Baseball to return with a 60-game season plus playoffs … But can it sustain itself through the Pandemic? How quickly another month has arrived and left us,...

 By Stan Hurst    Sports    June 1, 2020

To Play or Not to Play ... What's the Question?

This is the season of non-seasons, like no other time in our lifetimes. We may or may not have baseball this year, we may have football this fall, but we might not. We do have NASCAR, but no fans are...

 By Stan Hurst    Sports    May 1, 2020

Will the Games Stand Tall?

While ballparks and all sports venues remain closed, there is hope the Football Season can be salvaged. Baseball appears to be all but lost, while there has been a plan “spit-balled” that some...

 By Stan Hurst    Sports    April 1, 2020

From Pigskins to Rawhides

As I practiced social distancing on my 800-pound motorcycle these past weeks; touring Montgomery I saw empty fields and only the sounds of birds singing at the ballparks I visited. No baseball, who...

 By Stan Hurst    Sports    March 1, 2020

From Pig Skins to Rawhides

My Mentor, Ed Jones, was a great encourager. In the past weeks, he asked me to write a piece or two for him. What an Honor. He, in his affable manner said; "I'm a football guy, but you write whatever...

 By Stan Hurst    Sports    February 1, 2020

The Silence of the pigskins

Do you miss it yet? College Football, and not just any College Football; I’m talking SEC Football. I sure enjoyed this past season, savoring all the games; well almost. Our SEC teams achieved many...


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